713 Marcellus St Depot

The 713 Marcellus Street Depot is a community resource tool library and materials depot for gardening, bicycling, and home landscaping. This project is intended to build capacity for food sovereignty, mobility needs, and pride in home and self. It began in early 2020 with the Syracuse Land Bank enabling us to become stewards of this place, and the process of restoration and re-design for community building and benefit is ongoing.


  • Storage for materials in support of accessible food production, including soil for the Raised Beds Mutual Aid Campaign
  • Restoring a property to be an accessible and healthy community work space, energized by renewable and distributed systems powered by sunshine and collaboration
  • A tool lending system and portable bicycle workshop to make gardening and bicycling more accessible

This project is gaining momentum and can be followed on social media at https://www.facebook.com/713-Marcellus-Street-Depot-110689203995843

We are looking for volunteers to get involved in site improvements, tool library setup and management, and more. Please contact us on this website or on the 713 Marcellus St Depot page on Facebook to get involved. We are using Lend Engine to manage the tool library; you can see more at http://alchemicalnurseryprojectinc.lend-engine-app.com/ and registering for a tester account.