Project Overviews

You can view project-specific pages and blog posts by clicking the images below, using the Post Categories below in this website’s footer, or by exploring the sub-menus under the Projects link in the header above. Also check out our calendar of events to see what events are going on – you’re welcome to any!

COVID-19 Response: In general, projects and volunteer stewardship teams are continuing to progress, while practicing safe physical-distancing practices. Please visit our Coronavirus Response: Garden Actions and Resources For You post for more information, including specific initiatives (also listed below).

Map of Alchemical Nursery Project Locations

List of Alchemical Nursery Projects

Syracuse’s chapter of
Food Not Lawns

Bitternut Collective Homestead

Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden

Syracuse Real Food Co-op (SRFC) Backyard Garden

610 Gifford Street Community Garden

Ethan with community compost piles for citizen science experiment

Decentralized Urban Community (DUCk) Initiative

Plant Nursery & Sale

SALT-CNY listserv sign-up

Initiatives started as part of our Coronavirus Response: Garden Actions and Resources For You:

Get Involved!

If you’re interested in joining a stewardship team for a project in any capacity please reach out to us at info [at] alchemicalnursery [dot] org for more information, or join in at any events on our calendar. We host regular garden work days where we welcome the community to get involved – come on over to help, and be helped by, gardens and trees and one another! Click the “Get involved!” link above for more options and info. Thanks!

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