SRFC Backyard Garden – Layout

This page will show a birds-eye-view layout of the sections of the garden, along with text describing the plants, purposes, and challenges with each section.

Birds-eye view of SRFC and the Backyard Garden. North is down. Map made August 2017 by Robert Coville using open source QGIS software and 2015 Google Maps imagery.

Area Descriptions

BB – Back Bed: Gooseberries and black currants

FB – Front Bed: Available space

MP – Mulch Patio: A mulched meeting space

ATA – Apple Tree Area: An apple tree with understory herbs like wood sorrel and chives

MB – Mint Bed: Full of very vigorous mint

SP – Stone Patio: Includes a bench and an attached herb spiral, eventually to include a table and umbrella

GF – Grape Fence: A fence covered mainly in native grapes

If you’re interested in a more close-knit role with the garden, please consider joining the SRFC Backyard Stewardship Team! To discuss the Stewardship Team, come to one of the routine garden work days or reach out to us at info [at] alchemicalnursery [dot] org for more information.

We host regular garden work days where we welcome the community to get involved – please see our SRFC Backyard Stewardship Schedule and come on over to help, and be helped by, the garden!