THE ANP PDC – A Slow & Local Permaculture Education

THE ANP PDC – A Slow & Local Permaculture Education. 

Interactive In-Person Mini-Lessons Combined with Hands-On Volunteer Practice, at Active Local Permaculture Sites, Including Asynchronous Self-Paced Learning Modules, Tracked Through Open-Source Digital Badges.  Earn your Permaculture Design Certificate at a slow and local pace.

The Alchemical Nursery Project held it’s first session of THE ANP PDC on Saturday May 18, 2019 at the 610 Gifford St Community Garden on plant identification and weeds, pursuant to PINA’s 2014 PDC Core Curriculum topics (3) The Local Ecosystem, (4) Patterns and Pattern Application, and (11) Trees, Forests, Plants, and Cultivated Ecologies.

Participants took part in a 30-minute lecture and discussion, followed by a 30-minute hands-on weeding activity, facilitated by Frank Cetera, PDC Graduate from Hancock Permaculture Center, 2009.  Those who completed the session were awarded their first digital badge through for recognition of learning and participation, and towards future awarding of the completed PDC training core curriculum.

Anyone can sign up for a Badgr account and get a free digital backpack, or you can use any OpenBadges V. 2.0 platform – find out more at

Those interested in pursing THE ANP PDC should follow our events pages and sign up/RSVP to attend.  All sessions are free to attend, but in order to receive credit towards receiving your Permaculture Design Certificate, participants are required to be Patreon Supporting Members of The Alchemical Nursery Project at $2 per month minimum at the time of their attendance at any session.

Each session will generally be between 1-2 hours, to be counted towards the 72-hour PDC curriculum.  Participants will be required to earn an appropriate badge that relates to each of the 26 Topics in the PINA Core PDC Curriculum.  Therefore, there is no estimated end-date for receiving a PDC diploma, as each participant will mix and match over the course of time, seasons, and personal availability.