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Join us in enjoying and stewarding forest gardens, facilitating ecological living, and making a shared vision of good become a reality! Check out the various Project Sites and Initiatives we have going on, and reach out to us to get involved in ones that fit your interests.

On our Facebook page or on our Calendar of Public Events you can find our upcoming events and can contact us about participating, carpooling if needed, and about other ways to get involved!

Permaculture Design Certification

Learning experiences from volunteer days add up! We can now certify that growing expertise in our Slow & Local Permaculture Design Certification open source course.

Stewardship Teams

Some volunteers like to come back and continue tending to projects and sites over time. We appreciate the steady support and are forming Stewardship Teams to facilitate this. If you are interested in joining one of our Stewardship Teams, such as for the Rahma Forest Garden project, please contact us sharing your interest and we will bring you into the loop! You can also view our Stewardship Schedule and come on over during planned garden days.


The funding for our garden, urban agriculture, and permaculture projects comes primarily from grant funds which we write as volunteers.  We also get some in-kind donations of plants and other material goods during the year.  But the hardest thing to raise money for is overhead expenses.

We are looking for 50 donors to each give $12 (that’s only $1 per month), which would result in $600. This covers our basic annual overhead of our liability insurance and our web hosting needs.  If each of you who have participated with us and, we hope, benefited through knowledge learning, receiving food or planting materials, getting hands-on experience, tasting new foods, exposing someone else to the permaculture and foods movement, or if you just appreciate the work we do, please donate today.

To donate, please pledge $1/Month For Permaculture through our campaign on the secure donation service Patreon, or you can make one-time contributions using our secure Network for Good payment portal.


Use social media to see more and share about this work!

Sign up and get involved on the SALT-CNY listserv, discussing Sustainability, Agriculture, Landscaping, and Transition in Central New York.

Contact us directly via or by coming to one of our events!


Alchemical Nursery projects are all about regenerative lifestyles and landscapes. How can you integrate regenerative ways and permaculture design principles into your day-to-day life and landscapes?