Plant Nursery

We hope to grow our gardens and offer its plants to the world, as a tree grows and offers its seeds to the world. For that reason, we strive to offer education about plant propagation, opportunities to propagate plants from forest gardens we setup and facilitate, and plants ready-to-go from our own home nurseries. This page lists an inventory of what’s in our home nurseries or what’s easily accessible for us to propagate for you on demand. If you’re looking for something specific on this page, press CTRL+F on your keyboard to bring up your web browser’s Search feature, then type part of the term you’re looking for to see if it’s on this page.

We sell most of the plants we propagate at our annual plant sale with the Bread & Roses Collective in early May. The leftover inventory from that plant sale is listed below, along with plants we can propagate more of on demand. For the most up-to-date view of our interview, check our Plant Nursery Stock spreadsheet.

Woody Perennials

Common name Scientific name QUANTITY
Red Raspberry 2
Golden Raspberry 1
High bush cranberry 1
Honey Locust 1
Black Raspberry 6
High bush cranberry 1
(Mature) Lilac 8

Herbaceous Plants

Common name Scientific name QUANTITY
Rhubarb 4
Spring Garlic 1
Yarrow 3
(Mature) Chives 3
(Young) Chives 4
(Young) Parsley 2
Turkish Rocket 1
Fennel 1
Golden Hops 1
Blood root 1
Apple mint 2
Mojito mint 2
Horseradish Armoracia rusticana 2
Chickweed 3
Russian Comfry 7
Lovage (celery leaf) 3

Cuttings (Ready to Plant, from Shoots or Roots)

Common name Scientific name QUANTITY
Golden Raspberry (shoot)  ~5
Black Raspberry (shoot)  ~10
Seaberry (shoot)  ~10
Gooseberry (shoot)  ~10
Jastaberry (shoot)  ~10
Black Locust (shoot)  ~10
Black Current (shoot)  ~5
Elderberry (root)  ~5
Inventory updated: May 9, 2018