McKinley-Brighton Artwork & Student Garden at Rahma Edible Forest Garden

It’s taken quite a few years to figure this out, but we finally created a relationship with McKinley-Brighton school that worked! The kids and teachers did a great job with integrating their artwork into the garden, and we even coordinated a new growing space just for them to have fun and learn in. :>) Check it out when you’re heading down South Salina St! By the way, strawberries are ripening as we sleep and breathe, grab a snack, and take a look at what’s new, what’s old, and what’s in real.

A collaboration between Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden and nearby McKinley-Brighton Elementary School is, like trees, something that offers many co-benefits.

Just two favorite benefits that come to mind:
– Kids enjoying and learning about the outdoors and land-revitalizing gardening
– Attention for the ecosystem from not only adult permaculture volunteers and school teachers, but also from the up-and-coming generation that will grow alongside trees at this forest garden.

I love to see trees grow in their different life stages. A tiny leaf emerging, to a foot high seedling, to a hip-high shrub…to a 30+ foot adult that may live hundreds of years. I’m hopeful that with kids and forest gardens enjoying life in mutual benefit, both are catalyzed to grow to their fullest potential.

Thanks to all who helped make this connection and who have shared some love with Rahma Garden. Big shoutout to Frank Raymond Cetera – this certainly isn’t and can’t be done alone, but you’ve been a great leader keeping this moving through thick and thin! Great to see its fruits.


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