Black Currant Patch RESCUE! and Mini Edible Plants Walk

Corner of Oswego and Shonnard Streets
(231-233 Shonnard St, Ward Bakery Park)

The black currant bushes at this community site are in danger of being lost to overgrowth and lack of proper care. What was once two long rows of black currants are now one short row, and the cleavers, garlic mustard, and bindweed are relentlessly making short work of the rest of the fruiting bushes. W e need to refresh this planting! Please RSVP at

Our goal is to weed, mulch, divide, propagate, and plant to expand the black currant patch and save it from being lost. For you help, the Alchemical Nursery’s Frank Cetera will lead a free 30-minute plant walk identifying other edible species in the immediate vicinity and discussing what could be done to install additional food plants at this site.

Arrive at 6 pm. Introduction to the project at 6:05 pm. Black currant rescue project starting at 6:10 pm for 30 minutes. Followed by mini edible plant identification walk for 30 minutes where we will identify another 20+ species you can harvest and eat.

We will have gloves and some tools, but bring your own if you have them. Dress for the weather, we will be out rain or shine. There are no restroom facilities on site at this park.

Please RSVP at the following link so we know to expect you and can be properly prepared as hosts and facilitators –

Host Your Own Plant Walk
Interested in a future foraging and plant walk?  You could host one at your home, field, forest, neighborhood, local park, or block conducted by the Alchemical Nursery Project’s Frank Cetera by contacting us.  We ask that you commit to a $100 minimum donation to the Alchemical Nursery for a 60-minute event with up to 12 people, which you can contribute yourself or collect from friends and family who would attend.  Email or text 315-308-1372 for more details and for scheduling.

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