Updated Patreon Member Tiers and Benefits for 2024 – Update or Renew Available Now.

CURRENT BENEFITS at https://www.patreon.com/alchemicalnursery
MERCH: 1) Alchemical Nursery Project water bottle; 2) a Paper Copy of all newly published organizational Zines.
PROMOS: 3) 50% off purchase of garden art signs; 4) $10 credit to each Spring’s annual plant sale;  5) Promotional Specials on Plant Sale Gift Card Orders.
PDC CREDIT: 6) Permaculture Design Certificate credit for completion of ANP PDC sessions.

The Green Bottle chart below expands our understanding of financial privilege and experience. All member tiers provide the same benefits, so please use sliding scale green bottle chart to determine the level you’re able to contribute.

Image description: Graphic with the title, “The Green Bottle: Where You Fall on the Sliding Scale.” Three illustrations of bottles appear side by side, one filled all the way with green liquid, the second filled halfway, and the third filled low. Each bottle has a list of statements. Along the y-axis of the graphic reads, “Financial Privilege” and the x-axis reads, “Personal Financial Experience.” The full bottle lists the following statements: “I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic* needs. I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs. I own my home or property OR I rent a higher-end property. I own or lease a car. I am employed or do not need to work to meet my needs. I have regular access to health care. I have access to financial savings. I have an expendable** income. I can always buy new items. I can afford an annual vacation or take time off.” The half-filled bottle lists the following statements: “I may stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them. I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs. I own or lease a car. I am employed. I have access to health care. I might have access to financial savings. I have some expendable income. I am able to buy some new items & I thrift others. I can take a vacation annually or every few years without financial burden.” The low-filled bottle lists the following statements: “I frequently stress about meeting basic needs & don’t always achieve them. I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs. I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing. I do not have a car and/or have limited access to a car but I am not always able to afford gas. I am unemployed or underemployed. I qualify for government assistance including food stamps & health care. I have no access to savings. I have no or very limited expendable income. I rarely buy new items because I am unable to afford them. I cannot afford a vacation or have the ability to take time off without financial burden.” At the very bottom of the graphic are additional definitions. “*Basic Needs include food, housing, and transportation. **Expendable Income might mean you are able to buy coffee or tea at a shop, go to the movies or a concert, buy new clothes, books, and similar items each month, etc. This image and framework was originally created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk | wortsandcunning.com with additions from Britt Hawthorne | embracingequity.org.”

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