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The Depot in 2022

Take a look back at 2022 scenes from The Depot. Want to volunteer and/or join as a member to use the services and tools in 2023, send us a note at and we’ll get back to you. Follow along on Facebook at and keep an eye out in your email box for Alchemical’s monthly-ish e-newsletter for further details and events.


  1. Interior designer to plan our tool and workspace layouts.
  2. New wrench sets (2)
  3. Flooring materials
  4. truing stand
  5. White paint or other leftover paint (contact us with what you have)

Adopt-A-Bed Today at 610 Gifford St Community Garden

As we continue to transition the 610 Gifford Street Community Garden to being majority perennial based plantings, we have implemented an Adopt-A-Bed program trial this year that is meeting with some success. Over 5 years in, since the formation of the 610 Gifford garden, numerous founding members have either moved from the neighborhood or taken their use of time elsewhere, resulting in a need to reduce labor and inputs to sustain the viability of stewardship of the site. Although we still welcome annual beds, we are focused on perennial beds, and have 5 people now who have adopted at least one of them!

Frank has adopted the rhubarb bed, which also includes some plantings of herbs including chives and bergamot underneath a yellow fruiting dogwood. Susan has adopted the strawberry border bed facing Gifford St. Kathy has adopted the native wildflowers bed planted in the right-of-way strip along Gifford St. Ursula has adopted the two pallet strawberry beds in the interior of the lot. And most recently, Carrie has adopted a new strawberry bed adjacent to the other interior strawberry beds and next to the highbush cranberry, where we are removing mint and expanding berries!

Why are perennial beds easier to maintain and adopt? The plants are usually more drought tolerant, and don’t require regular watering over the summer. The plants have a permanent place, making it easier to identify weeds that are growing around them, and reducing the need to clean them out and replant them every year. And, they are pretty much guaranteed to produce a product for harvest every year! We have lots and lots of rhubarb, strawberries, and mint year in and year out no problems, and we can all share with each other when it is harvest time.

Want to get in on the fun? Here’s some beds looking for an adopter:

The Sorrell Bed
The Kale Bed
The Raspberry and Asparagus Bed
The Redbud Beds
The Herbs Bed
The Native Raspberry and Sunchoke Bed

Get in touch, or show up Saturdays at 11 am during the fall/winter/spring seasons, call or text ahead to double-check that we’ll be there, everyone sets their own schedules. Adopters will be asked to visit their beds at least 1-2 times per month. We’ll teach you what else you need to know for care and harvest.

2022 Annual Fundraiser Plant Sale

Plant Sale Orders Due by Wednesday 11:59 PM for Saturday Pick-up

Alchemical and Bread and Rose’s 5th? Annual Fundraiser plant sale, supports our Near Westside community gardening projects. Plant sale final week, orders due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday Night, pickup window 11 am – 2 pm on Saturday; pick-ups can also be made after Saturday by scheduling.

Natives and edible perennials: berry bushes, shrubs, rain garden plants, ferns, herbs, and perennial vegetables! Some house plants and gardening supplies may also be available this year.

Proceeds benefit the urban planting work of The Alchemical Nursery Project and the Bread and Roses Collective. Please support local grass-root groups committed in promoting urban sustainability!

Recognizing ongoing constraints from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are once again practicing the email ordering and curbside pickup model we used last year to continue this event safely.

Please place orders online by messaging us (through this event page) or emailing ( for ANP tagged items OR for BNR tagged items) with the following info:

1. Plants and items you’d like to purchase from the inventory (include source from either B&R or ANP, sizes, quantities, and price each). Please provide your email address so we can send you a virtual invoice for you to make payment prior to pickup. Ordering will close at 11:59 pm on Wednesday May 4th.

2. Indicate your choice of Pickup location on either the Westside of Syracuse at The Alchemical Nursery at 717 Otisco St, or the Eastside of Syracuse at Bread and Roses at 405 Westcott St.

3. B&R will also host an in-person sale this year 11-2 at 405 Westcott St.
Our 2022 inventory can be viewed at the following link. Please post on this event if you’d like more info or photos of a specific plant, or if you have any other questions that may apply to other customers. (The inventory may not be exhaustive of plants we can propagate for you – if you’re looking for something specific, please ask!)

Orders will be put curbside in front of 405 Westcott St or alongside 717 Otisco St for pickup anytime between 11 am – 2 pm.

MENTION: Greater Syracuse Land Bank Newsletter November 2021

. . . . .

Read the full profile by visiting the newsletter online at[UNIQID]

MENTION: Scaling up Agroforestry North American Conference 2021

Session A: Urban Agroforestry

Gary Wyatt University of Minnesota Extension – Recognizes our quality educational and interpretive signage at the Rahma Edible Food Forest Garden during this year’s conference

Tour of the Rahma Food Forest Garden with Frank Cetera

Many of you were instrumental in the design, development, and management of Rahma Food Forest Garden over the years, come out for a tour to see how things stand. And learn how you can help with the next phase of development as we work to stabilize the understory beneath our canopy.

If you can, become a supporting member at

Harvest Announcements Now Available via SMS Text Messaging

Scan this QR Code with your Smart Phone to sign up for our garden site harvest notifications through the growing seasons!


Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 6 pm – 7:30 pm

Joint fundraiser for The Alchemical Nursery Project (ANP) and the Syracuse Refugee Agriculture Program (SyRAP)

Come learn how to make traditional miso from Kayo Green in a fun Zoom class! What is Miso? Miso is a fermented soybean paste that is popular in Japan and throughout Asia. The rich savory flavor can be used in soups, marinades, salad dressings, and even some desserts. Hosted by Frank Cetera of the Alchemical Nursery Project and Lucy Spence of Syracuse RISE.

$25 donation to view and participate in Live & Interactive Zoom Class. >> Unlimited People

$10 add-on for ½ pint of white miso in mason jar (available in 12 weeks after virtual event when fermentation is complete, pickup only) >> Limit 16 people

$15 add-on kit of soybeans and koji to make your own miso (available after the virtual event, scheduled pick-up only >> Limit 16 people


Fall To-Do at 610 Gifford Community Garden

We had a fun fifth year at 610 Gifford St in 2020, and it’s time to clean up, organize, and prepare for 2021. If you want to pick one day to visit and lend a hand this fall, this coming Saturday October 24th is it, 11:00 am start time.

Here’s our Fall To-Do List in pictures:


Constant vigilance with the bindweed.  Concentrating this week on the strawberry beds.












Nothing doing here, just a note that we repurposed the former potato bed with some kale seedlings and some black currant cuttings we hope will root that we salvaged from one of the black currant bushes that was damaged by a falling tree branch during last week’s storm.









Harvesting of the highbush cranberry.













Hard to see, but would like to dig out the coneflower from the middle of this bed and transplant somewhere near the front of the site.











This former radish and herb bed will become the new potato bed, we have taters to plant on Saturday.












Clean up of the corn and squash bed.













This perennial bed will be cleaned up and receive a major batch of new asparagus crowns to expand this crop.  With care to also select for the raspberry that have moved into this bed.











Pull the mint from this middle bed.












Another shot of the asparagus bed from the other side.












The rhubarb bed will also be a bit reorganized.  Two of the rhubarb are growing too close together. We will dig up divide and plant out with better spacing in the same bed.











Another shot of the rhubarb bed.












The potatoes for planting.  Fall potato plantings requires they be placed a few inches below ground and it is not necessary to chit (cut and dry) them first.











The asparagus crowns that Frank dug from Brady Farm, they were giving them away as they renovate the bed the asparagus were in for a different crop.