Rahma Stewardship Team Scheduling

Getting a permaculture forest garden through the first stage of succession takes work. Trees take time for their canopies to emerge, and there is rigorous competition as intended cover crops try to spread and establish themselves. All that means Rahma Forest Garden needs extra care and maintenance as it perseveres toward a more stable state: freeing up trees, pulling out obvious overgrowth of weeds, pruning and clearing trails and growing space to help people and plants thrive there.

We’re growing a Stewardship Team to look after Rahma Forest Garden. The team schedule is on Google Drive and can be accessed at the following link. Please feel free to sign up for a participation or leadership slot, or make note of a time you’ll be going to steward the garden!

Rahma Stewardship Team Schedule ( https://goo.gl/xOAWv3 )

Right now, the Rahma Stewardship Team is mostly Alchemical Nursery board members and regular volunteers, and we’d like to expand the team and involve more local community members. Being an Alchemical Nursery, part of our long-term goal is to pass on mature and fruitful projects to local communities once we’ve nursed the seeds into sprouts and cared for sprouts so they grow up as hearty creatures! Right now, Rahma is a little bit beyond the sprout stage and needs attention and support, as well as a shift in stewardship toward long-term, local care and enjoyment. As Alchemical Nursery we strive to facilitate that through training volunteers, raising community awareness about permaculture lifestyles & landscapes in Syracuse, and hosting educational workshops for a diversity of youth & adults. All that takes time, resources, and most importantly: volunteers! We invite anyone with interest in learning more or getting more involved to reach out to us and come to the forest garden!

Equality, liberty, and efficiency – finding a balance

Our society has skyrocketed in efficiency. I see this efficiency and how it’s been a long-time in the making. I also see in politics how the left-right arguments tend to highlight a supposed battle of equality vs liberty-and-efficiency. How, if at all, does liberty and efficiency go together nowadays, and how does our prioritization of efficiency impact equality?

I think our preference for efficiency has led us to an imbalanced state. In mainstream tendencies, I see that we prioritize efficiency highest of all. Because of this, equality has suffered, and even liberty is at loss; concentrating power in few makes it more difficult for the many individuals and common goods to reach real opportunities and to contribute to their personal and our collective potential. What kind of liberty do I have in a setting rigged[1] by powerful few, keeping their own high-and-mighty interests & direction in mind? What kind of liberty can both my neighbors and I enjoy, if we found our success in debt-based finances[2]? Though I hear folks claiming to fight for liberty by supporting high prioritization of efficiency, I see the preference for extreme efficiency breeds an authoritarian oligarchy, destroying liberty in the same breath as it blocks equality; destroying our common resources and environment in the same breath as it blocks the human spirit.

Liberty is something important in the middle I think. In libertarian philosophy there are subsets which sway to the left, favoring equality, and subsets which sway to the right, favoring efficiency. What is the middle ground? In the United States, we are familiar with the word as we pledge our allegiance “…with Liberty and Justice for All.” How can we move in this middle way?[3] The last word of that pledge is “All.” The core value of equality comes from that word “All” and its meaning, and it fits naturally in a saying calling for liberty and justice.

Statue of Liberty with Sunset (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BAI_wySCcAEOgaK.jpg)

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Gardening Day at 610 Gifford St

Don’t miss our opening Gardening Day at the 610 Gifford St Community Garden on Saturday April 23rd from 1 pm – 3 pm.  It’s a good opportunity to come and meet one of Syracuse’s newest community gardens, in the heart of the Near West Side.  Plants and tools will be provided, you only have to show up.

April 23 2016 Gardening Day Capture

Starhawk Audio Archived from Syracuse 02.24.16

DSCN0042Select audio portions of Starhawk‘s visit to Syracuse on February 24th, 2016 courtesy of The Alchemical Nursery Project.  Both clips PART 1 and PART 2 are about 30 minutes in length each.

Don’t forget to sign up for our plant swap this spring, and/or plan to come for the sale.

And finally, if you appreciate the Permaculture work we are doing here in Syracuse as a 100% volunteer run and operated organization, please consider being a supporting member of our $1 for Permaculture Club ($1 per month for 12 months = $12 annual donation, please give more if you can, try $2 per month :>)



Perennial Plant Swap & Sale on May Day!

Natives and edible perennials, with Bread and Roses Collective
405 Westcott Street, Syracuse
Sunday, May 1, 2016
Swap: 10am (pre-register)
Sale: 11:30am-2pm
Berry bushes, shrubs, rain garden plants, ferns and perennial vegetables! All welcome at the sale, but you must have at least 10 appropriate plants and pre-register to participate in the swap. Proceeds benefit the urban planting work of the Alchemical Nursery Project and Bread & Roses Collective.
Details & Registration: 315.422.4924
Swap Images CaptureSwap Info Capture

Bitternut Homestead News

Two new hugel beds in progress. The first is the rear of a bed that is half planted with perennials currently - haskap berry, yellowthorn, currant, rhubarb, sea kale. The rear new portion has been sitting and added to over two years with wood, twigs, branches, weeded organic matter, this weekend it was leveled out, crushed down, and layered on top with all the tomato and tomatillo plants that were pulled for the season. Next year it will get a topping of compost and be ready for planting. The second is a long and narrow bed in the rear of the lot, founded with numerous branches from last year's salvaged xmas trees from the neighborhood curbs, a black cherry tree that died from a long history of fighting some wild grape vine and a base trunk area impacted by the fencing. It will be added to over the next year plus. Between this bed and the rear fence trees will be planted, currently there is a willow and a black locust. ...

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A little whimsy with painted asbestos shingles that were salvaged from the exterior and using the remainder of the linseed oil sample paints when selecting colors for the house! Pallet built trash and recycling shed. ...

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Perfect day to harvesting and garden cleanup today! ...

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Rahma Forest Garden News

Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden added an event. ...

Sunchoke Chip & Dip Volunteer Day

October 29, 2016, 1:00pm - October 29, 2016, 3:00pm

Join us for our Fall Sunchoke harvest, take part in tasting of fresh raw sunchoke chips, take somewith you to plant and harvest at your own home. We'll be providing a variety of dips for dipping the sunchoke chips into! It should be fun. If you'd like to bring a dip let us know. We don't want to duplicate dips. We'll also do our regular maintenance of trash picking, vegetation management, and tree care.

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Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden added an event. ...

Forest Garden Volunteer Work Day

October 15, 2016, 1:00pm - October 15, 2016, 4:00pm

Join us Saturday for a beautiful fall day of volunteering in the Rahma garden. There will be weeding, mowing and moving a large quantity of accumulated branches and leaves to the curb, for city pickup.

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Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden added an event. ...

Community agroforest workday Oct 2 at Rahma Edible Forest Garden

October 2, 2016, 1:00pm - October 2, 2016, 4:00pm

Come join us for a work day at the Rahma Forest Garden! All you need is a bottle for water and a will to work. If you have any gardening tools, please bring those too, especially gloves! The garden is being prepared for use as an education and outdoor recreational area for children at McKinley-Brighton elementary school, right next door. We've recently started building better bridges with Southside community organizations like TNT Southside (THANK YOU for all your kind advise and offer of stronger mutual understanding and partnership) to better intergrate the garden's structure and function with long term priorities of the community. We've recently planted some new flowers with the help of many locals, installed a new bench and colorful fence with the help of Onondaga Earth Corps, have mulched and fertilized paths and plants with the help of SUNY-ESF Bioenergy Research team, and are looking to prepare raised bed spaces for some cold season annuals. Lots going on in this little space. Check out pictures and come on over to lend a hand! Please spread the word.

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Alchemical Nursery description on Idealist.org

You can see a clear & concise overview of what the Alchemical Nursery Project is about on our Idealist.org page:


Salt City Sorcerers: Alchemical Nursery article on Jerk Magazine

An article about the Alchemical Nursery Project which shares some background history, an overview of founding and ongoing intentions, and some outside perspectives.

Alchemical Nursery members believe that integrating permacultural methods will save energy, eliminate waste, and pave the way toward increased sustainability and self-sufficiency. The organization’s efforts also focus on providing an economic and social catalyst for urban areas by weaving agriculture into Syracuse’s inner city.

Read more here: http://www.jerkmagazine.net/salt-city-sorcerers-alchemical-nursery/

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