About Us

Vision statement

“The Alchemical Nursery is a community benefits organization committed to the development of eco-social regenerative lifestyles and landscapes utilizing the principles and ethics of Permaculture, the Intentional Communities movement, Ecovillage living, Eco-socialism, and Mutual Aid activity. By providing the educational resources, dialogue space, and network tools we are growing towards cultural transformation, right livelihood, and equilibrium between local human society and our global Earth community.” as stated by our President in early 2015.

“The Alchemical Nursery Project is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the development of sustainable, regenerative urban lifestyles and landscapes. By providing the resources, dialogue space, and networks needed for those interested in the movement for sustainable cities, we are furthering our goal to contribute to the growth of the urban ecovillage movement locally, nationally, and globally.” as stated in our Bylaws.

Mission points

The Alchemical Nursery project is a mission to…

  1. Facilitate Permaculture based ethics, education, and hands-on experiences to assist individuals in becoming more self-reliant and connected to their ecological environment.
  2. Advance an understanding of Intentional Community and Ecovillage based lifestyles and philosophies
  3. Direct the continued research and development of the DUCk (Decentralized Urban Community) Land Trust model
  4. Aggregate and coordinate educational and project based initiatives based in cooperative and mutual aid methodologies
  5. Provide logistic, financial, organizational, and public support to other like-minded endeavors creating alternative systems for transitioning to our newly emerging reality.

Organization structure

We rely on local community and stewardship teams to make progress – see our Get Involved page to learn more about our regular operations and ways to contribute to them. For decision making as an organization we rely on our Board of Directors and Bylaws, and we are open to connect with our local community members and others with a similar mission who want to contribute to Alchemical Nursery’s direction.

Board of Directors
The Alchemical Nursery Project, Inc Board of Directors:

Frank Cetera – President
Ursula Rozum – Secretary and Treasurer
Alexa Geller
Robbie Coville – Webmaster

For more information about our organization and for a copy of our Bylaws, please contact us at info [at] alchemicalnursery.org or one of our other channels (forums, phone, Facebook, etc.)

Activities overview


Founded in 2008. Developed first co-working office space in Syracuse in 2009. Created Syracuse’s first public Food Forest Garden in 2010 in partnership with the Rahma Health Clinic.
See Alchemical Nursery In The News for more perspectives on our progress over time.


You can learn more about what we’re up to on our projects page.
Also see what events are coming up via our Facebook pages.


What can we create together towards a sustainable future…?

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